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Embrace the Pain

  • Everything takes time 

  • Become comfortable with the uncomfortable

  • Humble yourself

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

  • Carbs are your friend

  • Wasting a rep is a waste of your time

  • Trust the process

What Is Bryelliotfit?

When I created my fitness page on Instagram a few years back, I told myself I wasn't going to be a gimmick and I've made it a point to stick to that. That notion comes from years upon years of different kinds of fitness.

Transparency. That is what is represented here. No shortcuts, no quick fix just simple hard work and that is one thing I have learned throughout sports and life; if you really want something, then, you will work for it. No excuses.

One of the biggest things that I preach on is patience. Just be patient and enjoy the process and don't succumb to the days and times that you struggle. Instead, love it, own it and know that it is all discipline.

Congruently to what I mentioned previously, I created this website and it's programs to help whomever needs it to take control of their life mentally and physically. That is why so many programs are offered here; whether you're looking to lose weight, gain weight, maintain weight or simply learn about fitness, you're covered. 

Like I always say, Enjoy!


Brynell Middleton:

  • I am a former NFL prospect, medical student, an advocator of mental health & a child of God. 

  • I love fitness and the journey that comes with it whether there are good days or bad days. It's all apart of the process.

  • The foundation of fitness, for me, is to embrace the pain and the struggle. I am living proof that results take time while humbling you along the way. It teaches you patience, value & humility that will allow you to thank yourself in the long run.

  • Authenticity is what I pride myself on and everything you get from me will be uncut & transparent.


Camila, 27

Brynell, is phenomenal and well-versed when it comes to training. You can tell he puts an ample of time in putting his programs together so that you can achieve your goals! 

Erik, 52

This young brother is on his way to the top. He his a very personable and knowledgeable young man. Everything is very detailed and it is nice knowing that what you purchased isn't a gimmick,

Armon, 31

Listen, just buy the program , don't skip any weeks and  follow every instruction. I  swear you will not be disappointed.

Joe, 35

I purchased the 12 Week Cut Program and I can honestly say that this dude really put some serious time into this. Bro knows what he is doing.

Dion, 19

I play college football and I needed to put on weight without it making me lethargic going into this upcoming season. I bought Brynell's 12 Week Bulk and I can say this will probably be my best season yet.

Trina, 30

I am somewhat new to fitness and I needed to lose weight badly. It was giving me anxiety and messing with my mental health. Thankfully, a friend recommended Brynell and I purchased the 1 Month of Fitness and I could not be anymore excited! 

Mia, 25

I needed to get my booty right. It not being toned and in order is a problem for me. So, I bought the Lush Legs Program so I can slay! To all my ladies, go ahead and get right with one of Brynell's programs.

Jason, 28

I have been lifting my entire life. Mainly because of sports and when covid hit I became sluggish and never got back into the gym consistently. I just bought the 6 Week Progression and I am amped about starting this new journey. Do not wait until tomorrow, do it now!

Theresa, 44

I am so so so excited about starting my fitness journey with Brynell. I have always been the person to say I am going to do it and never actually did it when it came to getting in shape. I know it will be process but I am willing and ready. Bring it on!


Justen, 32

When I first purchased the 12 Week Cut Program, I thought it would it would be just another workout routine to follow but Brynell's program is more than just that! It was made for my specific body type  and it has helped me get results in an efficient way.

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